Thelma Starner, Delta, CO

2017 Governor’s Award

The winner of this year’s Governor’s Award is Thelma Starner of the Delta Club!

Thelma has always taken the lead to sign up for many of our club activities and projects.  She is very progressive in recruiting new members bringing prospective new members to introduce them to Altrusa. She has recruited, sponsored and initiated several new members. She is very familiar with Club, District Ten and International Policy and Procedures and is always willing to share with new members as well as others.  She is very progressive in helping others with information not only for her local club but with others she speaks to about membership and Altrusa.

Thelma participated in the Nominating Committee for District Ten Officers, assisted in hosting andhelping with the Altrusa Store at several District Ten Conferences and served on registration committee and as a voting judge of New Officers at District Ten Conferences.

Other community organizations she belongs to: West Central Housing Development-Founding Member, Western Colorado Community Foundation-Founding Member,  Delta Area Development-Founding Member and Past President, Hospice-Capital Campaign, Past advisory Board Member, Delta Chamber o Commerce-Past President and member, Wells Fargo Bank, past Board Member, Club 20 Past Member, Delta County Memorial Hospital-Past Board President, Delta County Memorial Hospital Foundation-current Board Member, Western Colorado Angus Beef Association-Past Treasurer and current member, Tri-County Resource Center-Past Board member, Epsilon Sigma Alpha-Past President, current member and the past 20 years as Treasurer Presbyterian Church. These are only a few Board and committees that she has served on throughout her life.

Thelma has not only impacted her Altrusa Club in Delta but throughout the community she lives in, and continues to exemplify the, meaning of Altrusa. She is very deserving of recognition for long-time and outstanding service to Altrusa. She has made many lasting friendships throughout Altrusa District Ten and Altrusa International, Inc., and is always willing to share new ideas with others.

(Note: The other nominees for this year’s Governor’s Award were: Ruth Bratcher, Artesia, NM, Roberta Hoey, Montrose, CO, Claudette Foster, Roswell, NM)

Thelma joins the distinguished list of past recipients of this honor:

Marjorie Bain, Grand Junction, CO - 2002

Mary Ray, Albuquerque, NM - 2003

Nancy Taylor, Clovis, NM - 2004

Wanda Pettis, Portales, NM - 2005

Marilyn Griffin, Grand Junction, CO - 2006

Ruth Cook, Albuquerque, NM - 2007

Gaynelle Thomas, Portales, NM - 2008

Marian Thompson, Roswell, NM - 2009

Donna Herman, Montrose, CO - 2010

Frankye King, Portales, NM - 2011

Martha Dusio, Montrose, CO - 2012

Vicki Ripp, Delta, CO - 2013

Opal Rhyne, Artesia, NM – 2014

Judy Armstrong, Roswell, NM - 2015

Mary Hendrickson, Artesia, NM - 2016

Thelma Starner, Delta, CO - 2017

Awards Luncheon - 2017

For Synopsis of all 2017 Award Entries Click HERE 

Dorothy Kvols Attendance Award: Altrusa of Ogden, which came with a check for $50 from the Tucumcari Club.

District Ten Net Membership Gain Award: Altrusa of Delta, which came with a check for $100 from District Ten.

Hazel Henderson Greatest Net Gain (Percentage) Award: Altrusa of Pueblo, which came with a check for $50 from the Grand Junction Club.

Communications-Newsletter Award: First Place-Altrusa of Montrose; Second Place-Altrusa of Delta.

Communications-Yearbook Award, First Place-Altrusa of Montrose; Second Place-Altrusa of Delta.

Nancy Taylor Environmental Award: Altrusa of Montrose, which came with a check for $50 from the Clovis Club.

Jen Hanson District Ten Community Service Award: First Place-Altrusa of Delta, Second Place-Altrusa of Artesia; Third Place-Altrusa of Roswell.

Ethel Fritch District Ten Literacy Award / Letha H. Brown International Literacy Award: First Place-Altrusa of Roswell; Second Place-Altrusa of Delta; Third Place-Altrusa of Montrose, which comes with a check for $100 from Altrusa International for Letha H. Brown and $50 for Ethel Fritch from District Ten from funds allocated from the disbanded Colorado Springs Club.

Dr. Nina Fay Calhoun International Relations Award: Altrusa of Montrose, which comes with a check for $100 from Altrusa International.

Mamie L. Bass Service Award: First Place-Altrusa of Montrose, which comes with a check for $100 from Altrusa International, Second Place-Altrusa of Roswell; Third Place-Altrusa of Delta

Club Longevity: This recognition is awarded to Clubs within District Ten that reach milestone anniversaries of their Charter dates.

Tucumcari, NM – 45 Years

Alamogordo, NM – 55 Years

Clovis, NM – 70 Years

Roswell, NM – 70 Years

Member Longevity Recognition: An initiative of Judy Stubbs, during her biennium as Governor, this award celebrates the commitment, love and dedication of Altrusans to “Leading to a Better Community,” by recognizing members with 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 years of Altrusa service.

25 Years (1992)

Joan Blodgett, Roswell, NM

Alida Brown, Tucumcari, NM

Claudette Foster, Roswell, NM

Donna Herman, Montrose, CO

Marianne Mishmash, Pueblo, CO

Nancy Stevens, Delta, CO

Linda Yates, Artesia, NM

30 Years (1987)

Dona Garretson, Life Member

Vicki Ripp, Delta, CO

Thelma Starner, Delta, CO

Arlene Walding, Pueblo, CO

35 Years (1982)

Judy Armstrong, Roswell, NM

Carol Fielding, Ogden, UT

Carol Mound, Ruidoso, NM

Donna Parker, Ogden, UT

Marian Thompson, Roswell, NM

Pat Willis, Portales, NM

40 Years (1977)

Sherry Kearns, Affiliate

Blanche Stephens, Roswell, NM

Dolores Stevens, Roswell, NM

45 Years (1972)

Ruth Bratcher, Artesia, NM

Distinguished Clubs-2015-2016: Altrusa International awards points on Club Annual Reports submitted each year and designates Distinguished Club status to charter-strength clubs with 115 or more points (out of possible 212).

Delta, CO   -   Montrose, CO   -   Palisade, CO

Altrusa International, Inc.

Sponsor Recognition Award Pins

(Pins are awarded for members in multiples of 2- cumulative since 2009; Gold=10)

Club Name
Sponsor Name
Jillana Burgess-Plummer
Artesi-a Mary Hendrickson 2
Artesia Paula Menefee 2
Artesia Ruth Bratcher 6
Artesia Sherrie Bratcher 8
Delta Gena Cooper
Delta Renee Eaton 2
Delta Vivian Gibson 2
Delta Angela Ownbey 2
Cindy Hansen 2
Delta Helen Jurca 2
Delta Demeris M. York 6
Delta Thelma Starner 8
Montrose.. Janyne Yehling 2
Montrose Diane Winger 4
Montrose Sonja Horn 4
Montrose Gail Kubik 6
Ogden June Krambule 2
Palisade Jennifer Steele 2
Palisade Charlotte Wheeler 2
Palisade Sharron K. Steele 2
Portales Lori Bohm 4
Pueblo Teresa A. Romero 4
Roswell Loriann Ordonez 2
Roswell Kathleen Wells 2
Roswell Lisa K. Armijo 2
Roswell Lisa Chavez 2
Roswell Jackie J. Gooch 2
Roswell Shelley Olson 6
Roswell Claudette Foster Gold
Ruidoso Susan McKenzie 2
Ruidoso Mary Jane Thomas 2
Ruidoso Helen Woodfin Gold
Tucumcari Merlinda Turner 2
Tucumcari Sylvia Wampler 4

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