District Ten History

(Excerpts taken from the history of the organization of District Ten compiled by Ava Lucas, Governor of District Eight, prior to 1955, and by Governor Marian Carlson, after 1955, through research of District Archives, issues of the Altru-News, District Conference programs and other available records, and writings of many Altrusans in District Ten.)

The first Altrusa Club was organized on April 11, 1917, in Nashville, Tennessee.  In 1930, with 104 Altrusa clubs in 32 states and membership of 3000, a plan for dividing the clubs into ten districts was adopted.

Initially, the states of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming comprised District Eight and Utah was part of District Nine.

A temporary Governor was appointed for each District: Rebecca H. Strasser, of the Denver Club, for District Eight and Georgia Young, of Salt Lake City, for District Nine.  Later, Florence George, a charter member of the Denver Club, was elected Governor of District Eight and Georgia Young was elected Governor of District Nine.  

In 1955, during the term of District Eight Governor, Ava Lucas, the districts were enlarged and the number increased from 10 to 12. This meant a reassignment of Clubs. District Ten was organized,  with the following states - Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.  Ava Lucas finished her two-year term as Governor of the reorganized District Ten.

Montana was later moved to District Twelve, leaving Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming in District Ten.

Currently, there are 15 clubs in District Ten:


Colorado Springs


Grand Junction




New Mexico












There are currently no clubs in Wyoming

All District Ten Clubs have been very active in working for Altrusa on the District and International levels. District Ten members have served in advisory capacities at the International level as well as on the International Board of Directors, on International Committees and on the International Foundation Board of Trustees.  District Ten has had three of its members elected as International President: Lena Clauve of Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1951-1953; Jen Hanson, Carlsbad, New Mexico, 1979-1981; Dona Garretson, Grand Junction, Colorado, 2011-2013.

Past Governors of District Ten

1930 - Florence George, Denver, CO

1931 - Georgia Young, Salt Lake City, UT

1933 - Jane Tharpe, Boulder, CO

1935 - Bertha Grisham, Pueblo, CO

1937 - Emily W. Smile, Cheyenne, WY

1939 - Lena C. Clauve, Albuquerque, NM

1941 - Cornelia Hanna, Greeley, CO

1943 - Margaret E. Gavin, Denver, CO

1944 - Estelle Dixon, Salt Lake City, UT

1945 - Nelle Byrne, Santa Fe, NM

1947 - Bessie A. McDonald, Pueblo, CO

1949 - Wilma Scott, Greeley, CO

1951 - Dorothy Greenwood, Santa Fe, NM

1953 - Ava Luicas, Colorado Springs, CO

1955 - Louise Millinger, Pueblo, CO

1957 - Carrie Herring, Denver, CO

1959 - Virginia Blend, Great Falls, MT

1961 - Ruth Ann Wheeler, Portales, NM

1963 - Bernice Galbraith, Ogden, UT

1965 - Hazel Henderson, Grand Junction, CO

1967 - Mary C. Griffith, Denver, CO

1969 - Ruth Streeter, Albuquerque, NM

1971 - Jen Hanson, Carlsbad, NM

1973 - lvah G. Schmitz, Missoula, MT

1975 - Marian Carlson, Ogden, UT

1977 - Jeanne Campbell, Pueblo, CO

1979 - Opal Lankford, Roswell, NM

1981 - Ruth Bracy, Salt Lake City, UT

1983 - Mary Ray, Albuquerque, NM

1985 - Jane Deyo, Ruidoso, NM

1987 - Muriel Swayze, Denver, CO

1989 - Connie Mclntire, Montrose, CO

1991 - Nancy Taylor, Clovis, NM

1993 - Cheryl Borchardt, Grand Junction, CO

1995 - Sherry Kearns, Carlsbad, NM

1997 - Donna Parker, Roy, UT

1999 - Sheree Bennett, Artesia, NM

2001 - Dona Garretson, Grand Junction, CO

2003 - Sheryl Borden, Portales, NM

2005 - Margaret Goodhue, Montrose, CO

2007 - Rhoda Struhs, Ogden, UT

2009 - Ida Bender, Albuquerque, NM

2011 – Donna Herman

2013 – Judy Stubbs

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