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Service Projects

Tucumcari Train Depot and FIRED UP 2011– The Tucumcari Train Depot is one of our communities Historic Sites. Over 3 yrs, Altrusa donated a total of $10,000 to improve the Train Depot in Tucumcari. This project covered outdoor items like benches and baskets and the members volunteered hands on hours. FIRED UP 2011 was a community celebration of both the NM Centennial—we were the very first celebration of the Centennial year!—and the 1st stage renovation of the Tucumcari Train Depot.  The community was introduced to Union Pacific’s Steam Locomotive # 884 along with many other fire-related entertainments.

Trigg Hospital Baby Scale – Tucumcari doesn’t have too many babies born at Trigg Hospital. For those that were, it was a struggle to get an accurate weigh on an old scale that was hard to move from room to room.  Altrusa donated the money for the hospital to buy a newer, easy to move, digital scale.

Trigg Hospital Mammo Capes – All women have annual exams that should be done for prevention. Altrusa of Tucumcari just wanted these ladies to feel more “covered” and comfortable. Altrusa had 35 cloth mammo capes designed and made for our community ladies to make something that isn’t much fun, just a little bit easier.

“Get Moving Quay County” Fun Run/Walk Event – Altrusa is one of the main sponsors of this event to get the community out and active. Altrusa supplied the end run comfort station with snacks and members volunteered to work the station and “cheer” on the participants.

Tucumcari Outdoor Classroom Earth Day 2012 – For the past 8 years, Altrusa has been a major volunteer for the Tucumcari Outdoor Classroom Earth Day Events. Ladies hand out water, assist speakers, and clean up after the event. For 2012, there were close to 800 participants from 5 different local schools. Altrusa also purchased magnifying glasses for the Tucumcari Elementary School for use at the Outdoor Classroom. This project partners with many groups. A few include Daughters of the American Revolution, Canadian River SWCD, Tucumcari Public Schools, and the City of Tucumcari.

Tucumcari Outdoor Classroom Windbreak – Altrusa partnered with the Canadian River Soil and Water Conservation District to purchase and plant replacement trees in the “Altrusa” Pinon Pine Winbreak. Altrusa members also volunteered to assist in planting these trees to reduce wind erosion and provide shelter for wildlife and for Earth Day participants.

Dunn Park xeric planting – Dunn Park is one of the community parks that is popular for birth day parties, sports team practice, and for a family day out. Altrusa partnered with Canadian River Soil and Water Conservation District to purchase and plant drought tolerant plants in an almost barren flower garden and to install water saving drip irrigation system. Now families will have even more to enjoy at the park.

Tucumcari Community Easter Egg Hunt – Altrusa is one of the main sponsors for the Tucumcari Community Easter Egg Hunt. Members also volunteer to meet and assist in stuffing candy in the Easter Eggs to be used in the hunt.

Tucumcari Trash Pick-up – Altrusa originally partnered with Kiwanas of Tucumcari to pick up trash 4 times a year on a 1 mile stretch along Route 66 Blvd in Tucumcari. Kiwanas has since dissolved, but Altrusa is still dedicated to “cleaning up” the community.

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday    Altrusa partners with the Tucumcari Public Library to bring the community students together to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. This includes having Dr. Seuss books read aloud to the students and providing door prizes for those involved. Usually there is a surprise visit by “The Cat In The Hat.”

Tucumcari Public Library Summer Reading Program – Altrusa sponsors this activity by providing funding for someone for the program along with hands on help by members.

Tucumcari Elementary School Enrollment  -  Altrusa assists Tucumcari Elementary School with enrolling new students and gives a free book to each of these students.


    2014-2015 Officers/Directors:

    President: Susan Taylor

    Vice-President: Barbara Cherry

    2nd Vice-President: 

    Treasurer: Jeannette Maddaford 

    Recording Secretary: Bev Lake


      Merlinda Turner


    2013-2014 Committees:

    By-Laws: Chair – Lois Sappington

    Communications: Chair - Kim Hanna

    Community Service: Chair - 

    Courtesy: Chair - Sylvia Wampler

    Finance: Chair - Jeannette Maddaford

    Information: Chair - Dorothy Kvols

    Literacy: Chair - Lou Briscoe  

    Membership: Chair - Jeannette Maddaford

    Newsletter: Chair - Merlinda Turner  

    Scrapbook: Chair - Merlinda Turner

    Vocational: Chair - Kim Hanna

    Ways and Means Committee/Cash Party: Co-Chairs - Barbara Cherry  & Relissa Nials  

    Yearbook: Chair - Merlinda Turner  

    Tucumcari Officers 2012-13Left to right: Pat Clark standing in for Dorothy Kvols (Director), Von Trujillo (Director), Lou Briscoe (Past Pres), Merlinda Turner (Treasurer), Kim Hanna standing in for Diane Morency (Corresponding Sec), Lois Sappington (Recording Sec), Alida Brown (VP), Barbara Cherry standing in for Vicky Watson (resigned VP), and Relissa Nials (Pres).
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